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Who is Yacu Amu Experiences?

Yacu Amu Experiences is an Australian and Ecuadorian owned tour operator founded in 1996. Now celebrating our 16th year of operations we bring a combined experience of many more years of worldwide travel and guiding experience to enabling you to entrust your valuable clients to us with confidence.

Using our inside knowledge of Ecuador and it´s people to craft thoughtful itineraries, then providing our renowned service throughout, we create the ideal conditions for an enriching experience that will remain with your customers long after they take off for home.

Why is Yacu Amu Experiences different?

What drives us to be different are people that choose us.  We´re talking independent-minded people that have travelled enough to know the value of having a local expert deal with the logistics but definitely aren´t looking to be herded from one photo opportunity to the next in an air-conditioned bubble.  We take the day to day hassle out of travel so your customers are free to enrich mind, body and soul through the new experiences that await them.

Who chooses Yacu Amu Experiences?

They are intelligent and curious observers of the world around them.  They love to do cool things like bike off the world´s highest volcano, hike in the megadiverse ecosystem of the cloud forest and swim with sea lions in a place so special it´s on the UN World Heritage list.

They enjoy active days, healthy food and are not at all averse to the occasional indulgence at the spa.  They enjoy meeting people from diverse cultures and understanding a little of their way of life - especially if it´s very different from their own.

They are travel-savvy enough to appreciate that travel in the developing world sometimes throws up unexpected situations that can be seen as either inconveniences or authentic cultural experiences – depending on their outlook.

In short, they love nothing more than doing, seeing or living through something they´ve never done, seen or lived through before.